Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dude, As a Rule I Do Not Buy Girls Weapons As a Gift

It seems my kitchenware, mostly a bunch of hand me downs or beat up crap I've been destroying since college, is so lacking it prompted a food-loving friend of mine to buy me a new skillet and a chef's knife for my birthday. His roommate's comment on this choice of gift was
adept: "Dude, as a rule I do not buy girls weapons as a gift."

To return the favor, I bought this friend an ice pick for his birthday. We are now fully armed.

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the tobies said...

The ice pick is a very effective tool, despite looking like it wouldn't stand a chance in hell against a block of ice. Take a deep baking pan (the flexible silicone ones work best) and fill it with water, and freeze it. You can remove the ice and let it thaw a little bit and then re-freeze it again to increase the hardness of the ice if you like (it melts slower that way). Then take your ice pick and peck away at the block and you'll have picturesque chunks of ice to fill your scotch glasses with. Delightful!