Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dumpster Diving

It's half past midnight. I was just walking home from seeing this fantastic Chicago band called The Changes with my fellow Homewrecker at Union Hall. Union Hall, by the way, is this fabulously decorated, shabby chic bar in Park Slope that not only hosts bands in the cozy basement, but has two indoor bocce lanes.

So I'm stumbling home full of the house wine (aka "Red Delicious"), thinking, for whatever reason, how I really ought to pony up the $20 for an Ikea chair or something to set at my desk, when I come across this totally adorable chair on the curb. It was fate! Sure, it's broken in two places, but its blue and green vinyl seat cushion will go great with my bedspread! Until I can round up some wood glue, I'll be sitting pretty and cautiously in my new, mostly broken chair. Nothing like picking up other people's trash at midnight in Brooklyn.

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