Friday, May 25, 2007

House Music, HSHW Style

Apartment Therapy, a favorite homemaking blog of ours, occasionally posts about bands and musicians they enjoy listening to, reportedly, around the house. Hence, House Music.

I gotta say, their choices of Jason Mraz (who, granted, is adorable) and Rachael Yamagata amongst other ho-hum, safe "rockers" really bores me. So whom would I clean house and cook up a storm to, you ask?

Calexico - Fairly easy listening, but the south of the border vibes are spicy enough for the kitchen.

The B-52's - A personal favorite, I'd include this on a music list of any sort, but the upbeat tunes and the fact that singer Kate Pierson also happens to be a domestic goddess who owns this roadside motel make them a perfect fit for rockin' out with a broom or a wooden spoon.

The Thermals - The high energy and bounce of this noisy 3-piece makes any activity go by quickly and with considerable jumping around the room.

The Police - I don't know what it is exactly, but the ingrained familiarity of The Police make them the ideal compliment to any task. Like an old friend talking you through it. Plus you can break out into a chorus of "Turn on the red liiiiight" into your spatula if the vibe strikes you.

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