Monday, July 2, 2007

Shopping Online 1:45am

At 1:45am Saturday night, after sipping whiskey and fruity concoctions at the neighborhood bar, I got the itch to shop. Next thing I know I was online bidding on this adorable ceramic bird on the Housing Works Thrift Shops auction site. I reasoned that any tipsy, late night shopping -- even shopping that contributes to my eventual fate as the "weird ceramic bird lady" (I have a small, but growing, collection...) -- that raises money for AIDS is totally a good thing. (Ok, not for AIDS, but more accurately: All proceeds from Housing Works Auctions goes toward helping solve the twin crisis of homelessness and HIV/AIDS.)

Thankfully I was sober enough, or too tired (whichever), to not immediately go into a bidding war over little blue bird when I was out sold. I did however bookmark the following items for my new apartment while poking around bleary-eyed at 2am. I move in a week-- a sudden decision I made, quite literally a week ago, to finally try living solo. Then I can fully indulge my homemaking itch in an environment that is mine and mine alone. Expect full HWH blog coverage of my new apartment decorating soon!

Kaiku Shower Curtain

Tuuli Pillow

Retro Tea Towels Set

Flora Prints

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