Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Apartment: Bathroom Decor

Over a month in the new apartment and I finally have some progress to share. Naturally I tackled the smallest room first. A set of sage and pink towels were the inspiration for my new bathroom's color scheme, as was a pink candle adorned with a little deer. I just so happened to find the corresponding "Enchanted Forest" shower curtain to match the candle on - and on sale!

My enchanted forest bathroom was the perfect place for my horsey jewelry box (a souvenir from a trip to the Catskills) and a lightswitch plate that I decoupaged myself last fall. I propped a wilting plant in the window where I hope it finds new life. My "Träumen Von Der Südsee" framed German Hawaiian LP also found a spot on the wall since what is more enchanted than the sounds of a German Luau?

Strangely, I had to buy my own toilet seat, because for some reason the landlord didn't think one was necessary. Enjoy the pics!

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