Thursday, November 1, 2007

Rocking Out and Eating Out with Yo La Tengo

It's an especially great time for people who love both food and rock and roll. People like me. I've talked about Kara Zuaro's indie rock cook book, there's a link on the left to Post Punk Kitchen, and hopefully by now you've heard about Dinner With the Band, an online TV show that's brought NYC bands like Pela, Grizzly Bear and Matt & Kim in the studio to cook and to rock out.

Good food and good rock and roll meet again in the fall issue of my favorite free magazine, Edible Brooklyn. The regular feature, The Brooklyn Fridge -- in which Edible Brooklyn visits a prominent Brooklynite and dissects their 'fridge -- features Yo La Tengo bass player James McNew and his Red Hook apartment kitchen. A Brooklyn resident since 1991, McNew elaborates on his favorite places to food shop and eat in the borough I call home. I cranked up "Cherry Chapstick" on my iPod and let the drooling begin as I read this great little article on the train to work.

Read the full article by opening the pdf here. Or pick up a free copy of Edible Brooklyn around town.

**Update** I ran into James McNew at a bar in Park Slope shortly after posting this. I said (hopefully not too creepily) "I, uh, read all about your kitchen." To which he said, "It's a great place." We both nodded in agreement. I love living in Brooklyn.

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