Tuesday, March 10, 2009

From Snuggie to...

...the COUCH DRESS! The larger, more elegant, more hand-crocheted sister to the blanket with arms known as the Snuggie.

Weighing in at I'd guess like 100 lbs, this colorful, grandmotherly blanket gown comes with two flower broaches... for when you want to take Couch Dress to the opera? I'd like to hear if Couch Dress fares as well as Snuggie in the outdoors.

Note to shoppers: Pantalaine will customize this item to fit you and any loveseat or sofa in your home.


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alwayslookaround said...

is this thing for real? or is that an onionesque type ad? if real, all i can say is "wow".

whichever of you is 'liz s' - i like your yelp reviews. and we live in the same hood. :-)

alwayslookaround said...

oh, and if you really have culinary skills, i'd like to chat about an idea. for real. please e-mail me or find me on facebook: alwayslookaround at gmail dot com.

Tece said...

OUCH ! my eyes HURT !