Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wedding Cake Toppers That Should Not Be

Oh hell no.

The 'Bride "In Charge" Wearing Pants and Groom "Not In Charge" Without Cake Topper' is so not okay:

And then these ones I have no problem with, except that instead of calling it what it is, it's the "Fashionable Bride And Groom Mix & Match Cake Toppers."

I guess "mix and match" is a cute euphemism for gay marriage.

These and many more wedding accessories -- some stupid, some perfectly adorable -- can be found at Wedding Star.

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jen said...

These are great. Todd and I had so much trouble finding something decent for our wedding cake that we just ended up using fresh flowers, and it looked great. We didn't want a topper with figures, but we couldn't find anything we really liked.

I can't stand the one where the bride's dragging the groom to the wedding. Way to perpetuate the stereotype, guys!!!

:) -jen