Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Where Pies Go When They Die

While Mr. Homewrecker has been busy rearranging the house plants every day, I've been making myself at home in the new apartment by getting friendly with the oven. Perhaps not the best activity in 90 degree heat...

But I simply had to have pie after watching (20 years late) the Twin Peaks series! Pie and some good, hot, black coffee.

Even though my apple pie looked sort of effed up, it tasted damn good. Especially my homemade crust which tasted a bit like shortbread. Apparently the trick in making a successful pie crust is in keeping the dough chilled, but I managed to create a sticky, lumpy disaster zone nonetheless. If anyone has any pie crust tips to get the dough thinner without it becoming too warm or sticky, please tell me. Perhaps tip #1 would be, don't try to bake a pie in 90 degree heat.

Still, results = delicious, if not attractive. Next I will try my hand at Twin Peaks Cherry Pie, especially now that the fine people at CSN Stores have hooked me up with a time-saving pitter!


homespundiva said...

As long as it tasted good...who cares what it looked like! You're gonna eat it anyway!!!! And yay on the new apartment!

Quinn said...

Looks tasty. Mmmm, pie and coffee. Just make sure there isn't a fish in the percolator.