Wednesday, April 4, 2007

C'mon You Wanna Lei Me, Pass the Cake, Mahalo

My cousin got married over the weekend in a very low-key, very lovely wedding in Charleston, SC. Between the flowers, the music, the open bar, I think my favorite part was their choice of cake(s). That's right, two cakes that appeared completely uncoordinated. Not so! What they had in common was they were both pretty much the most delicious cake ever in their respective categories-- chocolate and vanilla.

You got the impression that someone asked them "What is your favorite kind of cake?" and one of them said "Chocolate!" and one said "Vanilla covered in strawberries!" In some marriages-to-be, this would be a deal breaker. How could two people so in love want such very different cakes? Undeterred, my cousin and his fiancé apparently just decided that there was no cutting corners in the realm of cake (unless we're talking about cutting the corner piece for yourself, because everyone knows that's the best piece). They got two very delicious, very mismatched cakes. And then in a further eff you to tradition, they topped them with a very unconventional "bride and groom".

And ok, I lied, the cake was awesome but the open bar was pretty much my favorite part.

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Anonymous said...

This is so cool! I like the Hawaiians on top and the cakes look like they are full of homemade deliciousness.
*Oh, and kudos for working in a WW quote.