Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Birdie Baby Room

Until I have the husband and the money and the room and the life skills to pop out any kids of my own (on purpose), I enjoy observing the baby making steez of my friends and friends of friends (because let's face it, my best friends are just as busy drinking, paying off debt and not-being-married as I am...).

In this post I want to share some pics from my coworker's sister and bro-in-law's adorable nursery for baby-to-be. Their choice of birdie art from Pottery Barn Kids is right in line with my growing collection of ceramic birds. A collection that is sure to be overgrown and creepy by the time I'm elderly. That right boys, who wants to make babies with the crazy bird lady?

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Artstar said...

What a fun blog, I 'm so glad I stumbled over it leaving AT. I just leased a small new space so I'm trolling for inspiration...