Monday, March 31, 2008

Fantasy Football Bed

Ladies, be thankful that this isn't your bedroom.

Can you even imagine sleeping, let alone getting "romantic" in a bed that resembles a football field? (Ok, maybe you can guys, but I'm talking to the ladies...) Sometimes I see those design shows on TV where they try to incorporate some husband's overgrown baseball paraphernalia collection or model train obsession into the home decor. It usually looks something like this, and if I ever marry that person, well... No I just won't marry that person. Can't do it.

Thank you Fantasyland Hotel for some laughs. Check out the igloo room, the truck room and other delights including the "Canadian Rail" room which kind of just looks like my parents' living room in 1989.


MommySecrets said...

Wow - that's quite a room! Yikes!

Hotbox said...

I believe that is the definition of "dealbreaker." I love football, but...dealbreaker.

Anonymous said...

wow that looks ugly for a room and I like football a lot. No way it would make it into my house.

But at the same time it is a good test to weed out disagreeable females from setting up shop in my house.

Anonymous said...
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Shredder said...

I would like to add that I just noticed for the first time that there is a MIRROR above the igloo bed. So you can watch yourself getting frisky Eskimo style? Ew.