Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Shopping Guide for all the Home Wreckers in Your Life

While I haven't actually felt like shelling out much money this year on those I love, I do enjoy window shopping and web browsing for holiday gift items that I never intend to buy. Here's some gems I uncovered; a list of some of the best items for the home wreckers in your life.

For the DIY man (or the hot fix-it guy):
Size Matters Tape Measure

A handy tool for all your measuring needs around the house... including the bedroom.

For the bundle of joy:
Home Wrecker Onesie

Hey, call it like it is.

For the hot to trot homemaker:
Northstar Retro Range

You might not know how to cook, but at least your stove can look cute.

For the whoreticulturist (wow I just got another idea for a blog...):
Park Planters

Just like a stroll through the park near my apartment, only the flashers and gay dudes getting BJs are in delicate, white ceramic.

Happy holiday shopping friends!

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