Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Lesson in Couture

I like to think I'm pretty decent at my job (you know, that thing I do when I'm not fussing over my apartment and what to eat). I'm lucky when I get to work on projects that involve my personal interests, like the time we taught people how to decoupage light switch plates as a promotion for a car company. Trust me, it made sense.

But then there are the times when I'm tasked with a project that challenges the boundaries of my skill set, shall we say. For instance, I coordinated an online teen soccer community (I don't play sports) and I managed marketing for an auto company (I don't own a car). I made a viral video with snowboarders in Wyoming (I don't snowboard, but I enjoyed hot tubbing in the snow). Sometimes it's, well, weird, but I'm always learning something new!

My latest challenge at work is to manage the blog of a high end fashion store. Fashion? You are talking to the girl who shops almost exclusively at Target and Forever 21. The girl who wears orthotics in her sneakers. The girl who last week paired electric blue nail polish with red plaid tights (the polish showed up mysteriously in my shopping bag with my $5 tights, so it seemed like karma wanted me to wear them together). Sure, I care about my appearance, but in my world thrift and comfort are always #1. Couture is basically lost on me.

As with everything else I've tackled on the job, I trust I'll learn something new (did you know berry tones are in for fall?) and become a better person for it. Perhaps as Home Sweet Homewrecker has helped me strive to improve my home decor, blogging for high fashion will help me hone my own fashionista know-how.

Which I will then apply directly to the shopping racks at Forever 21.

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