Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just in Time

The new apartment decorating has come along. Above is the living room with our new Howard Miller wall clock, a gift from the folks at CSN Stores -- an online one-stop-shop for everything from bedroom furniture sets to the kitchen sink. Literally. We love the simple and modern, yet traditional, look of the clock. It also has a special feature which resets the clock for daylight savings so you don't have to, but to be honest it made setting the clock to begin with a real chore. Check out the clock here.

We updated our living room, which featured a plastic folding table and a stereo on milkcrates, with a Formica dining table and funky mid-century lamp from Junk and a vintage cabinet from the Brooklyn Flea. Visitors always ask, "What's with the 14?" The "14" above the couch is a piece of found art, if you will, which Mr. Homewrecker picked up from a TV set he was working on. Not sure what its original purpose was, but it's made of some kind of frosty plexiglass and it looks striking on our wall. Now all we need before my parents come visit next weekend is an arm chair and a new rug. Something to really tie the room together.

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Looking nice!

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