Wednesday, October 6, 2010

DIY Wedding Wednesday: Crafts!

Holy crap, it's only days until matrimony. Wedding crafts are in full swing and I wanted to just take a moment to share what I've been working on.

We wanted to give our guests some kind of personalized favor more unique than a baggie of chocolate almonds without spending a bundle. After seeing this blog post from Once Wed*, I got the idea to borrow the button maker at my office to make our own wearable favors. My friend Toby came over and we cut out something like 200 buttons from metallic paper printed on our home printer plus some abstract buttons made from scrapbooking paper that matched our color scheme. Cute, right?

After bookmarking several Etsy boutiques with feathered hair pieces for my maids, it occurred to me that I own a glue gun -- I can do this myself! Instead I bought "blank" hair combs and headbands from Etsy and glued on peacock feathers and silver embellishments. For my bride hair comb, I used bleached peacock feathers from Jamali Garden (a haven for DIY brides!) and added a 1950's vintage brooch I found at Pippin Vintage Jewelry in Manhattan. I'll share some more impressive photos after the pro takes pics at the wedding with our hair done did up.

Next? Glue several yards of silver decorative fringe onto my cardboard cupcake stand...

When you hear from me next, I'll be married -- wish us luck!!

*Footnote: I grabbed a lot of inspiration from Kim & Zac's wedding, whoever they are. I believe it's also where I got the idea to shop at Unique Vintage for my dress and where I got the idea to buy turquoise shoes. Which I did. Thanks Kim & Zac & Once Wed!


Jenn said...

I really like the personalized buttons. Think I might whip up a few for my bridesmaid's gifts :)

homesweethomewrecker said...

Well Jenn I'm available for button hire as well ;)