Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wedding Crafts & Gifts in Action

Check it out, my DIY hair piece totally worked! And stayed put even during this serious dance party to Pulp's "Common People."

Following the wedding we took three days to just RELAX right here in Brooklyn. Good bye wedding diet! Hellooo egg creams...

We visited the MoMA where there is an exhibit called Counter Space: Design and the Modern Kitchen. Tupperware was featured prominently, and I was tickled to spy the very same popsicle molds I own, passed down from Mom and used in my popsicle test kitchen post last summer.

And while we made the rule not to touch the kitchen during our post-wedding staycation, Mr Homewrecker was super psyched to try out one of our wedding presents, a Moroccan-style tagine from the Brooklyn Kitchen. This is a photo of lamb shoulder tagine with apricots, chick peas and slivered almonds. Mmmm nom nom nom. Being married to a great cook rules!


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Wedding Flowers said...

Love the diy wedding hair piece. Have you ever put together diy wedding flowers? Would love to see a blog on that!