Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Baby Bookmarking

Two things recently have contributed to an acceleration of my maternal desire to spawn, which has already been kicked up a notch by getting married.

1) My cool urban friends are starting to have babies. Not the old high school classmates who married years before me. Not the college buddies who settled in suburbia. Those friends are all cool in their own way, but recently my friends who are on the same career-oriented, urban-living track as me have started to get preggers. They have cool blogs about their babies and post adorable videos of their tots playing guitar and dancing to Of Montreal and they get to dress them in ironic onesies. It's sort of sweet.

2) One of my clients at work is expanding the marketing of their baby products, so I'm getting a daily dose of smiling baby pics and shinny new stuff baby needs from the store.

The result is a slight up-tick in my desire to have my own little bundle of joy, but perhaps more immediate is the way I've started to bookmark ideas for designing a delightfully decorated room for my eventual mini me.

Like how cute are these Skwirrols decals for redecorating a kid's Ikea dresser set?

Ok, so for now I'm still just really into the peripheral fun things that comes with having a kid. But at least as I watch my awesome friends figure out how to work being moms and dads into their busy lives, and see how they deal with the scary stuff and figure out the tough things and embrace the wonderful moments, I feel a little more prepared to tackle that challenge when the time is right.

Pacifist onesie pic from plutokidstwo on Etsy.


jen said...

The ultimate kick in the pants is when you finally do decide to go for it, and, a year later, it still hasn't happened for you, as everyone around you is having 2, 3, or more. Or worse, when well-meaning friends or relatives ask you when you're gonna FINALLY have one...

The additional kicker... all that wasted money on birth control? What?!

gimme my money back.

homesweethomewrecker said...

If I ever find out I'm infertile, I'm going to demand all that money spent on birth control BACK.

Amber from Amber, Dom and Baby Make 3! said...

I started that wayyyy before I got preggo! There is just too much cute stuff out there. I hope I keep my urban mom edge when baby gets here in 5 weeks!

homesweethomewrecker said...

Glad I'm not the only one Amber. Congrats (and good luck!) on the new baby coming!

Aron said...

we kept our fun peripheral until we recently broke down...
due in July! :)


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