Thursday, March 29, 2007

Panic at the Dinner Party

This is lovely, and clever! An apron that's got more style than most of my party dresses. Goes great with the Coffee? Tea? Or Me? tea towels too!

Friday, March 23, 2007

The Smell of Joy

If you scroll down to February's posts, you will recall I had a successful endeavour whipping up Holandaise sauce for the first time. You will also recall I had plenty of leftover sauce. Guess what I just discovered in the back of the fridge, congealed to a thick paste?...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dumpster Diving

It's half past midnight. I was just walking home from seeing this fantastic Chicago band called The Changes with my fellow Homewrecker at Union Hall. Union Hall, by the way, is this fabulously decorated, shabby chic bar in Park Slope that not only hosts bands in the cozy basement, but has two indoor bocce lanes.

So I'm stumbling home full of the house wine (aka "Red Delicious"), thinking, for whatever reason, how I really ought to pony up the $20 for an Ikea chair or something to set at my desk, when I come across this totally adorable chair on the curb. It was fate! Sure, it's broken in two places, but its blue and green vinyl seat cushion will go great with my bedspread! Until I can round up some wood glue, I'll be sitting pretty and cautiously in my new, mostly broken chair. Nothing like picking up other people's trash at midnight in Brooklyn.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Titty Cakes

Want to perk up the usual batch of cupcakes just a tit, er, bit? Here's my super easy recipe for Boobie Cupcakes. Don't you just want to cram these little darlings right in your mouth?

1 box white cake mix (or chocolate or yellow, depending on what floats your boat)
1/2 bag butterscotch chips (or chocolate chips if you are going chocolate)
1 container white frosting (or chocolate or yellow, you get the idea...)
vegetable oil

Follow the directions on the cake mix, adding the eggs and oil. Add 1/2 bag butterscotch chips to the batter while you are mixing. Pour into 24 lined cupcake tins, bake according to package directions. Frost after cooling, and top each cupcake with a butterscotch nip!