Wednesday, July 25, 2007

And So On Cleannes

One of the promises I have made for my new apartment is to keep it clean! So one of my first excursions in the new neighborhood was around the block to the dollar store for a broom. I also picked up a dustpan and brush, but it wasn't until I got home that I realized how very bizarre the packaging was. I think this speaks for itself...


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Roadside Produce 1, HSHW 1

While I'm still hauling carloads of CDs, unused cookbooks, and clothes I haven't worn in two seasons over to my new apt, let me entertain you with some food talk until I can give the full new-apt-decorating scoop...

This past weekend found this homewrecker camping in the "wilds" of Long Island, in a pup tent pitched a few yards away from a dozen college kids drinking and carrying on until 3:30am. Twice I stumbled over in my jammies to explain to them the physics of campground noise and how it was making it impossible for me to sleep. Oh yeah, I'm getting old.

But I'm not here to bitch about a-hole campers, no, I'm here to tell you how I feasted on the bounty of Long Island's summer produce. Saturday afternoon, after visiting a couple of the plentiful North Fork wineries to sip on their wares, I squeeled with tipsy delight over all the roadside goodies as we drove by. Signs for "U-Pick Peaches!" and "Eggs!" and "Fresh Strawberries!" OMG. I ended up picking up a dollar's worth of fresh corn and a little basket of raspberries for $4.75. That night I did a bang-up job roasting the corn right in the campfire -- simply peel back the husk (but don't remove), tear out the silk, rub the ear down with butter, salt and pepper, then fold the husk back into place and tie it tight with a loose piece of husk. If the corn is fresh enough and not dry, it won't ignite when you place it on the coals, and soon you will have a nicely roasted ear of sweet, hot corney goodness.

For my next trick, I planned to make raspberry mojitos by muddling a fistfull of the ripe berries with mint I picked up on a bike ride to Fairway in Red Hook (pretty much the most glorious grocery store EVER). But when I checked on the berries this morning in the fridge, they are looking a little furry. Oh well, one fresh produce success out of two ain't bad.

photo by leslieannprice on flickr (thanks!)

Monday, July 2, 2007

Shopping Online 1:45am

At 1:45am Saturday night, after sipping whiskey and fruity concoctions at the neighborhood bar, I got the itch to shop. Next thing I know I was online bidding on this adorable ceramic bird on the Housing Works Thrift Shops auction site. I reasoned that any tipsy, late night shopping -- even shopping that contributes to my eventual fate as the "weird ceramic bird lady" (I have a small, but growing, collection...) -- that raises money for AIDS is totally a good thing. (Ok, not for AIDS, but more accurately: All proceeds from Housing Works Auctions goes toward helping solve the twin crisis of homelessness and HIV/AIDS.)

Thankfully I was sober enough, or too tired (whichever), to not immediately go into a bidding war over little blue bird when I was out sold. I did however bookmark the following items for my new apartment while poking around bleary-eyed at 2am. I move in a week-- a sudden decision I made, quite literally a week ago, to finally try living solo. Then I can fully indulge my homemaking itch in an environment that is mine and mine alone. Expect full HWH blog coverage of my new apartment decorating soon!

Kaiku Shower Curtain

Tuuli Pillow

Retro Tea Towels Set

Flora Prints