Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cake Porn vs. the Diet

I had just eased into day-three of my half-hearted New Year's diet, the first day where I'm not totally starving or madly craving cake (even though on a normal diet I don't eat cake for weeks at a time without noticing). So of course I stumble across this. A recap of some of the most delicious, gorgeous, drool-worthy confections from across the country. It's enough to make me want to go on a cake-eating road trip.

Included in Cake Spy's confections of the year recap is the pumpkin whoopie pies from Brooklyn's Baked, where I just the other day gave in to the Brewers Blondie and a strong cup of coffee that gave me a toothache and the shakes, respectively, and ignited the desire to go on a diet in the first place. Oh sweets, harsh mistress, it's a vicious cycle!