Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Paula Deen Pantsed

Lovable granny chef Paula Deen lost her pants at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. Oh my!

Speaking of Paula Deen, last night I was treated to a delicious dinner of baked french toast and eggs in spicy tomato sauce. Nothing quite like breakfast for dinner! The baked french toast was a Paul Deen recipe, minus an entire stick of buttah. The eggs recipe was from Everyday Food, with these edits by the chef:

I used mexican cotija cheese (instead of feta) and sprinkled chopped cilantro on the whole thing at the end. Another tip: I recommend carefully squeezing up the whole tomatoes in your hand then adding them into the sauce -- messy, but easier than breaking them up with a spatula. Also I used one can of crushed tomatoes and one can of whole peeled tomatoes.
This fantastic meal, which also included a bread salad, a basil and tomato salad AND sausage and grits, was only a precursor to a tasty and recession-friendly Soup Swap... which I will tell you all about soon. Still slurping soups...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Boyfriend Jeans: Making Extra Desserts OK!

As I squeezed myself into my skinny jeans this morning, regretting downing the extra helpings of Dulce de Leche Bread Pudding leftover from my Valentine's Day dinner, and the extra red velvet cupcakes my Valentine brought me from Baked, I thanked the fashion gods that ripped-up boyfriend jeans are in for Spring.

Perfect timing too since two of my favorite jeans have recently worn holes in the thighs and crotch, my black denim Levi's even ripping straight across the ass when I tried to hoist myself into an SUV (another reason to loathe those vehicles). It was all just fate making my wardrobe up to date for the new season!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day at Home Sweet Home

With the economy in the toilet, who has the money to eat out anymore? Waiting around at busy restaurants on Valentine's Day only to be surrounded by people on awkward, high-pressure dates just isn't my idea of fun anyway. Better to cook at home for your sweetheart this year, so here's a few suggestions for different types of Valentine's:

First Date / Guy You Lured Home Earlier from the Bar
A first date calls for some social lubricant! Epicurious offers recipes for the "Top 5 Sexiest Cocktails" and food pairings. Home Sweet Homewrecker suggests skipping the food pairing to just focus on the fancy booze.

The Old Ball and Chain
Split up the cooking duties. One of you tackles the main dish and the other the sides or dessert. This way you both have a project you can work on in the kitchen, together! No waiting around for your food wondering what to talk about. And do the dishes tomorrow.

Daddy Daughter Date
This is what I'll be enjoying this V-Day. Dad likes Triscuits and Miller High Life, so I think I got it covered!

Flying Solo
Don't have a Valentine? Who needs 'em! Curl up with a box of Annie's Bunny Pasta with Yummy Cheese (for maximum cuddle and comfort levels), your NetFlix and hit the hay with your man arm pillow. Is that weird?