Friday, October 7, 2011

Dispatch from the Hot Dog Startup

In case you've checked in on my blog lately and wondered where the heck I've been, here's the answer by way of photos:

Starting in June, Mr. Homewrecker and I have been testing our hands at making food... in public... for paying customers.  And the craziest part is it's working out.  The food is really, really good, and people have been enjoying it!  What's less enjoyable is lifting a deep fryer and a giant grill on and off a truck twice a week and having no social life any more, but the payoff will be sometime next year when this blossoms into a full-time food business and we can call ourselves professional cooks!

You can find us grilling and deep frying weekends through October.  Just check out for more info.  This winter we'll be turning our focus back to fund raising (feel free to give us money) and building our Chevy step-van into a beautiful mobile food truck so we can hit the road for real in 2012.  Wish us luck!

Photos: panko-crusted avocado fries with chipotle mayo, Belgian fries with housemade mayo, Chicago-style hot dog, Andouille sausage burger.