Thursday, March 26, 2009

iPhone Birthday Cake with Cupcake App

I've frequently shown off the edible work of my baking buddy Melissa, but this one really, um, takes the cake.

iPhone birthday cake complete with cupcake app. Sweet.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hott Mugs

In addition to my favorite Democrat Mugs, which allow me to press my lips up against Obama and Eleanor Roosevelt, Fishs Eddy now sells Nudie Mugs in green and yellow.

Is it weird that I've been posting a lot lately about racy housewares?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

From Snuggie to...

...the COUCH DRESS! The larger, more elegant, more hand-crocheted sister to the blanket with arms known as the Snuggie.

Weighing in at I'd guess like 100 lbs, this colorful, grandmotherly blanket gown comes with two flower broaches... for when you want to take Couch Dress to the opera? I'd like to hear if Couch Dress fares as well as Snuggie in the outdoors.

Note to shoppers: Pantalaine will customize this item to fit you and any loveseat or sofa in your home.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Erotic-Glass by Wilson

Looking for something to adorn your windows or perhaps the top of your buffet? Want something classic, but with a twist? Look no further than Erotic-Glass by Wilson, a crafty Canadian lady who brings a little sexiness to the timeless craft of stained glass.

Nipples? Check. Bondage? She's got it. Menage a trois? You bet. There's nothing classier than a woman having her head held against the nether regions of her lover, or a man cupping a woman's breast while she gives him the ole reach around.

Certain images are crafted in reflective mirrors, stirring one to ask, as Wilson puts it, "In whose hold does she find her 'safe haven'? Is it in the arms of a loving partner? Could it be in the arms of potentially anyone seeing their own reflection in the mirror? Or could it be her stonger inner self?"


How "safe haven" and bondage go hand in hand, I'm not sure. But hey, that just ain't my thing. Somehow the fact that some oddball middle-aged lady in Ontario is crafting this sultry stained glass makes me find it more adorable than creepy.

Much thanks to Thrillist for bringing Erotic-Glass to our attention!