Thursday, May 31, 2012

Farewell Creepy Brownstone, Hello DIY Red Hook

Well, we're moving once again. While we loved our shabby chic old brownstone, we didn't love living above a creepy old landlord who seems to only want tenants who use her building for sleeping and little else. It's not like we threw a single noisy party or blasted music late into the night; all we did was dare to follow the American dream and start our own business. There was nothing on the lease that said we couldn't bring a crate of tomatoes into our apartment, but when we did it apparently conjured up images in our landlord's head of a dozen illegal immigrant workers slaving away in our tiny kitchen, inviting rats and roaches into the building.

As if. We were just trying to make the perfect bowl of chili.

So we're packing up once again, not hiring Intense Movers, and headed down to Red Hook, a magical part of Brooklyn that welcomes industry and quirk and has its own Ikea and the best grocery store in the world, Fairway!

We'll also have our own backyard (complete with feral cat), so expect HSHW to start branching out into gardening.  Which I have thus far been completely terrible at.

Of course things are already not going as planned. Our new landlord conveniently forgot that he needed to finish remodeling our apartment before we moved in, so right now we currently have NO KITCHEN in our new home. But since Mr. Homewrecker has mad carpentry skills, we're just going to go wild at Ikea and build it ourselves. The new apartment is also a studio, which means we're quickly trying to shed a third of our furniture and belongings.

Amazingly that included successfully unloading my entire VHS collection on Craigslist.

In short, you can expect some "Small Spaces" blog posts, some DIY kitchen remodeling updates and inevitably some posts about how I kill a bunch of tomato plants. Madness, but I'm excited about some homemaking challenges!


Kitchen Redesigns said...

Great post for my kitchen remodel project

Unknown said...

Congrats on the new place! Can't wait to see what you do with the space!